Preparation of print samples for migration testing

How to create a good printing sample for migration testing:

Establishing appropriate printing sample and dealing with them, are crucial for a meaningful migration analysis.
Certain conditions must be met, because it is not possible to do a rational analysis with any sample.

The following samples are generally required for the analysis:

  • Original substrate unprinted (blank) and printed substrate
  • The sample should have a minimum size of 22 x 22 cm and have sufficient ink coverage
  • Furthermore, the samples should be wrapped in aluminium foil immediately after its creation. Do not bent and / or crumple the samples .

Packaging (roll to roll)
In this case, the patterns are to be wound separately on a sleeve. Again, the samples must be wrap in aluminium foil.

Label Printing
The labels should (each 3-pattern printed and unprinted) with a minimum size of 11 cm x 11 cm and have adequate coverage.
We recommend (if possible) to send the empty original container to which the label will be applied.

Moulding pressure
When creating samples for analysis in the field of moulding pressure
(e.g. yoghurt cups) the cups should packed in a stack of 20 and put in aluminium foil.

Recycled Cardboard:
Please check with your customers, if recycled cardboard was used for the food packaging.

Important: :
The laboratory must be informed about the kind of food, which will be packed in the beverage. This is important for the correct election of food simulant.