UPLC-PDA-qToF system (LC-UV-HRMSMS) from Waters:

  • ACQUITY UPLC I-Class Plus
  • ACQUITY UPLC Photodiode Array Detector (PDA)
  • Xevo G2-XS QToF (ESI and APCI ionization in positive and negative mode)
    with UNIFI Software







GC-MS from Perkin Elmer:

  • GC 2400 with liquid autosampler AS 2400 and headspace HS 2400
  • MS 2400SQ-C with EI Ionization & CI Ionization






GC-MS from Perkin Elmer:

  • GC Clarus 500 with liquid sampler and headspace (TurboMatrix 40)
  • MS Clarus 560S EI Ionization





IR spectrometer from Bruker:

  • ALPHA-Platinum FT-IR spectrometer with Platinum-Diamond ATR sample module